About the Grace-Messenger Website

The Grace-Messenger website provides information to the public on Christian themes centered on the scriptures of the Holy Bible. The primary goal is to aid in advancing the Great Commission of Matthew 28:18-20 in evangelization and discipleship and to herald the message of God’s grace in all the world. The Grace-Messenger website focuses on biblical teachings aimed at encouraging Christians in their walk of faith and obedience to Christ, and to promote a Christian worldview with relevant apologetic subjects. This site features other authors and teachers with links to their content. This content may be used as an aid to reach out to others with the message of God’s grace to mankind.

Grace-Messenger internet service.

Grace-Messenger is an internet service not affiliated with any organization or church ministry, but is privately managed and administered.

Contact may be made by email to <messagegrace1@gmail.com>. All original material posted on the Grace-Messenger web site should be handled as copyrighted material except that they may be re-posted without alteration, with citation of original author included.

Introduction to the Website Editor

Hello. My blog name is Noble Berean II if you wish to contact me. I am a born-again, baptized believer in Christ. I am a member of a Reformed Baptist church in North America. Our church teaches the Five Solas of the Reformed tradition and orthodox theology of the divinely inspired and inerrant Scriptures of the (Protestant) Old and New Testaments. I was led to Christ by a family member in my early twenties during the Jesus movement of the 1970s. He lent me his copy of “Evidence that Demands a Verdict” by Josh McDowell which was perfect for addressing my intellectual objections to Christianity. Through it I came to believe in the Gospel and became saved by Jesus Christ. God has since given me a wonderful family, has led me through many challenging adventures in life, and has shepherded me through them all, teaching many insights of His grace. Above all I cherish His precious Word contained in the Bible that remains truly alive and as fresh as the day in which it was first penned. So, I wish to share the treasures of the message of God’s grace imparted to me that others too may be saved, grow in grace and knowledge, and have the assurance of faith.

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