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Creation perspective: God fashioned the present world through the global flood catastrophe described in Genesis.

A Bhuddist Physician has Strong Words for Christians in the Global Struggle Against the Criminal mRNA Shot Plandemic

Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi, a university scientist in Germany, lays out the microbiological processes behind the COVID19 shots that create debilitating and lethal damage to recipients as revealed through scientific research. He warns about the sinister nature of the shots that indicate designs of Satanic origin to destroy humanity. He challenges Christians to wake out of […]


Romans is considered to be a foundational book in the Bible by biblical scholars and students and therefore it is crucial for all Christians to learn the fundamental doctrines of our Faith by mastering this epistle written by the Apostle Paul. It is not just an epistle to the Christians in Rome of Paul’s day […]

Theonomic Treatment of Capital Punishment for Apostasy

In the article CAPITAL PUNISHMENT FOR APOSTASY ( on the Postmillenial Worldview website, Dr. Kenneth Gentry clears up the popular misconception that Deuteronomy 13 establishes capital punishment for unbelief. He applies a new covenant perspective (New Testament) in understanding apostasy and excomunication covered in Deut 13 and 17:2-7 in terms of the theonomic ethic. The connection […]

The Apostolic Teaching of Spiritual Gifts for the Church Today — Part 1

In this series I will make the case that there is solid hermeneutical support in the Scriptures for the continuation of the spiritual gifts beyond the apostolic era and throughout the entire kingdom building age until Christ returns at the end of history. The gifts are intended to be normative in the ministry of the […]

The Apostolic Teaching of Spiritual Gifts for the Church Today — Part 2

Part 1 In this article I begin to examine the idea of the cessation of the spiritual gifts after the Apostolic era held by many Christians and present an opposing argument that is solely based on the Scriptures. This series of articles, beginning with Part 1, advocates for the continuationist position. Cessationists claim that […]

Recommending a Teaching Series of Biblical Truth

“Are We Living in the Last Days – Online Course” by Brian Godawa ( contains multiple series of teaching content that address the eschatological passages of the New Testament from the interpretive standpoint of preterism and challenges the prevailing views steeped primarily in premillennialism. Preterism is an orthodox scripture-centric hermeneutic that has solid scholarly and […]

The Supreme Gift of the Ages – Part 3

The Supreme Gift of the Ages — Part 2 The next phrase at hand in John 3:16 is “shall not perish.” As part of the conclusion of this verse, it begins the purpose statement about the mission of God’s Son: To save a people that are perishing. So what is the nature of this condition that […]

Avoiding the Information Traps and Snares on Social Media

The article “How to Avoid Misinformation and Disinformation Online,”, on The Gospel Coalition (TGC) website, by Patrick Miller, is a good read for Christians who want to be careful to avoid the rivers of falsehoods and of becoming guilty of violating God’s ninth commandment—do not bear false witness (Exod. 20:16), while engaging with social […]

Natural Law as the Divine Imprimatur in Nature

In the article “Nature Can Teach-A Biblical Introduction to Natural Law by Steven Wedgeworth”, the author explains the concept of classical natural law as a basis of moral reasoning used to determine the rational foundation for a moral duty or prohibition. Natural law is grounded in the divine law reflected in the Ten Commandments (Exod […]

How Joseph and his Eleven Brothers Illustrate Design

The devotional article “The Marvel of Design” ( in Days of Praise on the ICR web site uses the unlikely passage in Genesis 43:33 about Joseph’s encounter with his eleven brothers in Egypt to illustrate how the ordinary capacity of common science (rational common sense) can discern the unreasonableness of expecting random forces to create […]


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