Maintaining the Faith Once Delivered Against Cultural Erosion in our Times

Contending for the Faith in a Confused Culture by Justin Dillehay, posted on The Gospel Coalition website, is a must read for all Christians facing the tremendous pressures of social degeneration and the  downward slide into utter moral bankrupcy currently underway in our post-Christian western culture. The results of a Ligonier survey cited in the article indicate there is an erosion of the biblical beliefs amongst evangelical Christians today, including rejection of the doctrine of the deity of Jesus Christ, along with embracing moral degenerate concepts rife in the popular culture. The former is a mark of apostasy from the faith. This article may serve to provoke believers to conduct an introspection of their own faith and call them back to the Gospel they first received and away from the morass of godlessness of our culture.

Published by Noble Berean II

Raised a Catholic but became born again in young adulthood principally through reading Evidence that Demands a Verdict by Josh McDowell (I highly recommend it). I prefer the Reformed faith and subscribe to the Five Solas, but hold to baptism by immersion. I also hold to a continuationist view of the doctrine of Spiritual gifts. To me, the Bible is the inerrant Word of God, with a Christocentric theme in its entirety. I hold to an orthodox preterist hermeneutic and prefer the Postmillenial eschatology as the most biblical doctrine of God’s plan for His kingdom in Christ.

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