All Eminent Hebrew Scholars Hold a Literal Interpretation of Genesis Chronology

On the AIG website, the article “Hebrew Scholars: 24-Hour Days in Creation” ( describes the journey of Dr. Jud Davis that led him into research that confirmed that all modern world-class Hebrew scholars, regardless of their position on religion, agree that the original Hebrew text of Genesis 1 – 2 was written intentionally to convey chronology in terms of normal 24-hour days. This begs the question: If this is the overwhelming consensus of Hebrew scholars, on what possible grounds can evangelical scholarship today reject what is the proven intent of the author of Genesis? If they hold to inerrancy for the rest of the Bible, why not for Genesis? Their rejection also directly flies in the face of the literal interpretation held by Christ and the Apostles clearly recorded in the New Testament. Dr. Davis concludes with 7 challenging questions for the evangelical community today.

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