How Joseph and his Eleven Brothers Illustrate Design

The devotional article “The Marvel of Design” ( in Days of Praise on the ICR web site uses the unlikely passage in Genesis 43:33 about Joseph’s encounter with his eleven brothers in Egypt to illustrate how the ordinary capacity of common science (rational common sense) can discern the unreasonableness of expecting random forces to create design of any kind. This innate sense possessed by all individuals from birth (a faculty instilled by God) also discerns the existence of God, but modern humanistic teachings, especially evolution buttressed by academia, mainstream media, liberal theology, and the consensus tyranny of the political cabal, work to erase this from the consciences of ordinary people to make them captive to Satan – Roms 1:18f.

Published by Noble Berean II

Raised a Catholic but became born again in young adulthood principally through reading Evidence that Demands a Verdict by Josh McDowell (I highly recommend it). I prefer the Reformed faith and subscribe to the Five Solas, but hold to baptism by immersion. I also hold to a continuationist view of the doctrine of Spiritual gifts. To me, the Bible is the inerrant Word of God, with a Christocentric theme in its entirety. I hold to an orthodox preterist hermeneutic and prefer the Postmillenial eschatology as the most biblical doctrine of God’s plan for His kingdom in Christ.

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